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Shiatsu stimulates the body's vital energy. Calm and relaxing in nature, it is yet dynamic in effect. The body-mind re-adjusts itself and a new well being takes place.

For everybody


Working on key acupressure points, birth positions, breathing and visualisations, this course prepares parents for the beautiful journey of giving birth. 

For couples from 2nd trimester on.


Shiatsu supports mums' emotional, energetic and physical changes during pregnancy up to after delivery. It enhances mums' balance and their relationship with their baby.

From the 1st trimester on


In this class you will learn the meridian stretching to self stimulate your vital energy, you will flow with it together with your baby in a free bonding dance.

From the 1st trimester on


A relaxing massage to ease discomfort in the body, encourage emotional balance and bonding with the baby-to-be. Using pue organic oils that nourish the skin it helps prevent stretch marks.

From the 2nd trimester on


Shiatsu stimulates baby's vital energy, reinforces his/her immunity system, accompanies him/her to its new reality through touch.

A special moment of relax for the whole family

For babies from birth accompanied by the parent/s


Fascinated by the beauty of life, a beauty that is always necessary, but sometimes hidden, I've been searching for my way to contribute to make such beauty apparent. I've been searching for answers in several creative practices, such as architecture, ikebana (the art of flower arrangement), butoh dance. Through shiatsu I discovered a very concrete and authentic way to flow with the movements of life. Just be in the now, flow with whatever is there without judgements. Support seeds of change so that everyone can bloom.

Shiatsu is more than a massage or a therapy: it's a meditation in motion, a dance of energies, a philosophy of life where everyone can reconnect with his/her deep self, and discover to be actor of one's own well-being. My mission it to support seeds of change so that everyone can bloom. 

Becoming mother I've been exploring the benefits of shiatsu during pregnancy, for the delivery and postnatally. My wish is to share my knowledge and support mothers, fathers and their babies in the most beautiful journey.


Since 2011 I've been studying and practicing shiatsu. I was formed at the Accademia Italiana Shiatsu Do (Italy), Iokaï (Belgium), Wellmother (UK). I also attended a formation for oil massage for future mums at the EFP (Belgium).


“The first part was very touching, energizing, deep...it touched me on a "spiritual" but also physical level. I felt my body relocate itself. The second part was more physical, healing.” 


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